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Early in the process we landed on the peacock for the logo which symbolizes grace,self-expression, and confidence. All things characteristic of an influential (or of note) person. 

Of Note came to me in the early years of their business wanting to refresh their branding and website. Their original branding felt very clean and simple and similar to other companies in their world. Our goal was to give them something with originality that they could really own and to stand apart in their field. 

Of Note helps connect brands to influencers as well as provides management to content creators in the lifestyle and fashion spaces. 

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Designing for every audience

Because Of note has two different key audiences it speaks to, brands and influencers, it was important to have the site organized in a way that spoke to both. 

We did this through quick links at the top of the homepage to quickly guide viewers to their preferred content and by organizing the drop down menu by viewer type.