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brand design

Primary logo
Secondary Logo
Color Palette
Typography Suite
brand pattern

This package is ideal if you are in the early days of developing your brand or if you are looking to rebrand. Through a collaborative process, we'll create your full brand identity giving you all of the peices for a successful launch.


4–6 weeks




web design

4 page site ($500/adDT. page)
Basic Seo optimization
Copywriting TEmplate Guide
Launch support

Built through ShowIt, you'll recieve a UX-foreward, easy-to-navigate website that is both modern as well as customized to your brands personality and needs. After discussing clear goals for the site, I'll work on a design thats rooted in strategy and geared towards driving business. 


6-8 weeks




Design Day

For smaller jobs or when working on a lower budget, I offer clients to book me using my day rate to use on whatever project they'd like. This could look like adding a page to an existing website, designing all marketing graphics for an upcoming launch, or creating supporting collateral to an existing brand.

We'll establish a list of goals/to-do's prior to your design day. On the day of your booking I will work 9am - 5pm with check-ins to approve direction as I go. If interested, shoot me an email and I can give you an estimate on how much I think I can achieve in the allotted time. 



Day Rate:

Template Shop brands & sites are great for getting your business up and running with a professional, modern look. But attracting the right audience and relating to your key demographic can only be achieved through custom design backed with a strategic mindset. Before creating your unique visual identity or custom website, we’ll explore your goals, what differentiates you as a brand, and identify your target audience.

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