Cheese Gal

website design

Cortney LaCorte, owner and creator of Cheese Gal, came to me for a new site as things were beginning to shift and grow in her business. Our goal was to drive viewers to two main locations, the blog and the shop.  

LTK is a site where influencers can house and organize all of their affiliate links for followers to shop. Becuase this was a big source of revenue for Cortney, we wanted to feature this within her website and create a shop-like experience right on

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Originally a creator of beautiful charcuterie boards, Cheese gal has grown into a recipe creator and food & Lifestlye blogger.  

Home page

About Page

We used this space to feature Cortney's top performing products to make them quick to find. 

By adding in shop items right in the drop down menu, we've given viewers an extra chance to shop and drive sales.  

Using LTK affiliate links, we created a shopping experience without users ever having to leave the site.